Global Adsorbents Pvt. Ltd. offers Activated Carbon (Granular, Powder, Pellet, Extruded, Activated Charcoal, Wood based Activated Charcoal, Silver Impregnated Carbon, Copper Impregnated Carbon) for a wide range of industrial applications, including air, gas and water purification.Heightened environmental awareness and the enactment of strict emissions guidelines have led to the development of new several new applications. Our Activated Carbon is also being used in other industries, including gold recovery and petrochemical processes.

Our carbon is also being used to an increasing extent in the treatment of water, including drinking water, ground-water, service waster and waste water. Its primary role in this context is to adsorb dissolved organic impurities and to eliminate substances affecting odor, taste and color in halogenized hydrocarbons and other organic pollutants. Yet another broad field of application for activated carbon is the treatment, purification and decolourisation of liquids, which is of particular importance in the pharmaceuticals, food, beverage and other allied industries.

We manufacture Activated Carbon from a range of feeds, that include wood charcoal, sawdust and fruit shells. Our products can be tailored to the needs of the clients, and all parameters can be adjusted accordingly.

For more details, product ranges, and application brochures, please feel free to contact out marketing personnel.