Global Adsorbents Private Limited is one of India’s largest manufacturers of water treatment and industrial chemicals. Our prime specialty lies in the manufacturing of Activated Carbon and Bleaching Earth. With over 20 years of experience, and more than 5000 satisfied customers, Global Adsorbents Private Limited, is highly respected in the chemical industry.

Our factory in Hyderabad produces more than 50 grades of Activated Carbon. Our team of engineers and chemists has helped us standardize each of these grades, and have assigned each grade a specialist application. Today, we cater to a wide range of industries, ranging from water treatment to drug purification.

We also process high quality Filter Media, including Sand (Quartz and River), Gravel, and Premium Anthracite.

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Assist the users to select right quality according to their application. with Free Technical Support

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  • West Bengal, India
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